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The Origin of Love

Today in news

The president vows to devote his second term to "ending tyranny in our world".

Does this mean he's resigning? Sweet. To be fair about the slashing of the budget to help Ukraine, the president doesn't have any more money to spend. He hasn't for the last 2-3 years. What about the word "deficit" confuses people? Huh. The way they tote the word "democracy", they make it sound like a source of aid, rather than jargon for "we're calling the shots now, biotch". I'm just getting sick of the word being thrown around. Democracy is a form of government (not ours), not a magical source of unlimited freedom. Ah, the "F" word. There's another one I've grown to loath.


Geez, whatever happened to sitting in the corner or detention? See, it's like I said, We're so weak as a society, now a little girl's outbursts aren't even safe from police! Ooh, she punched the assistant principal in the stomach. A punch from a 5 year old, I wonder how much that hurt. Or was she taking steroids? Sheesh, battery from a 5 year old. I wonder when we stopped calling it a "tantraum"?

"She's never going back to that school," Akins said. "They set my baby up."

Hee hee. That line is so damn funny.


Oh, for my bit of celebrity news, I'd like to announce that Heidi Klum is having a child with a seal. Oops, I mean the popstar Seal. My mistake. Though the first version is a bit more vivid.


Incase you're wondering (Why would you) why I'll never talk about Micheal Jackson, Martha Stweart, steroids in baseball, or that woman with the feeding tube, it's because I think those stories are entirely overhyped and only serve to distract the public from real concerns (actually it's more because I don't give a crap), like a little girl getting arrested. That's important. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch Celebrity Poker.
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